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Bachelor and Master projects

The Bramkamp lab is looking for students interested in bachelor and master projects.


We focus on fundamental problems in bacterial cell biology, including the cell cycle, subcellular organization and cell morphogenesis. The Bachelor/Master thesis offers a first-class multidisciplinary training in molecular microbiology with the emphasis on cell biology and membrane biochemistry. We are seeking highly motivated and enthusiastic students who possess fundamental experience and knowledge in an appropriate biological or chemical science subject to apply.

A prerequisite to do a thesis project in our group is a research module (8 weeks) to gain basic insights in microbial biochemistry and cell biology.

For inquires please send an application with motivation letter and CV to Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp at

Postdoc and PhD projects

Informal inquiries are always welcome and we can discuss funding possibilities. Please provide a meaningful motivation letter, a CV and publication list to Prof. Dr. Marc Bramkamp at

Other positions

Unfortunately there are no vacant positions at the moment.


Job offers are continuously updated. So please check our website again.

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