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" ... We are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters. ..."


Our group is dedicated to teaching at all levels. Our goal is to make students familiar with the theoretical background in microbiology, but also to teach a vast variety of techniques including protein biochemisty, microscopy and genetics. 



Biol 112: Genetik und Mikrobiologie: Vorlesung und Praktikum 

Biol 116: Kommunikation in der Wissenschaft: Kleingruppenprojekt

Biol 119: Vernetzung: Kleingruppenprojekt

Biol 180: Microbial Biochemistry and Biotechnology: Lecture and course (in Englisch).

Biol 123: Begleitmodul zur Bachelorarbeit

Bachelor thesis project



Biology Master

Biol 239: Biochemistry and Cell Biology of Prokaryotes. Lecture, Seminar and practical course.

Biol 206: Methods competence 

Biol 275 Microbial Biochemistry and Cell Biology: Research project

Masters thesis project


Master of Science Molecular Biology and Evolution

Biol 601: Molecular Biology of Dynamic Processes: lecture

Biol 608: Development of a Scientific Project

Masters thesis project

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