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25/04/2024: Fabian Meyer successfully defended his PhD thesis

Fabian finished his PhD by successfully defending his thesis titled: "Understanding the growth of Corynebacterium glutamicum". In his main publication, he unraveled details of the division and growth mode of Corynebacterium glutamicum, while he supported more than half a dozen of publications with data and analyses during his PhD. Congratulations, Fabi!

22/04/2024: Review by Fabian and Marc published

In this new review on cell wall synthesizing complexes in Mycobacteriales, Fabian and Marc summarize latest findings of the unique cell wall synthesis of Mycobacteria and related organisms. Published in Current Opinion in Microbiology, DOI: 10.1016/j.mib.2024.102478

01/04/2024: Marc is the new IFAM director

Marc takes over the role of the managing director of the Institute of general Microbiology.

19/03/2024: Abigail Savietto Scholz successfully defended her PhD thesis

Abigail concluded her PhD by successfully defending her thesis titled: "Characterization of SPFH domain 
containing proteins in Bacillus subtilis". During her PhD, she investigated proteins with an SPFH domain like Flotilins in B. subtilis, a conserved family of proteins known for their influence on cell wall physiology and lipid ordering. Congratulations, Abi!


24/11/2023: DFG-Fachkollegienwahl 2023 (Confirmed in 2024)

Marc was elected into the DFG review board for the panel Microbiology, Virology and Immunology. Congratulations, Marc!

10/11/2023: New publication about the effects of benzothiazinone and ethambutol on the corynebacterial cell envelope.

In this paper, Fabian and colleagues analyzed the effects of the anti-tuberculosis drug benzothiaszinone on the cell envelope of Corynebacterium glutamicum. The paper contains amazing electron microscopy images taken by Urska Repnik from the central microscopy facility in Kiel. Published in Cell Surface;

31/08/2023: New SEM Microscope

The Central Microscopy facility operates a new scanning electron microscope (Zeiss Sigma 300).

20/07/2023: Geco meeting

Two day workshop in Burghausen on Corynebacterial research.

13-14/06/2023: Lab retreat

Lab Retreat to Wittmoldt Manor House.

27/05/2023: New Review on bacterial membrane dynamics

In this Review, Marc and Dirk-Jan Scheffers (University of Groningen) not only summarize the latest findings and the fuctional importance of the plasma membrane in bacteria, they also deep-dive into the enigmatic bacterial flotilins and dynamins, a set of proteins involved in membrane compartmentalization, membrane repair and remodelling and possibly much more. Published in Wiley Molecular microbiology;

4/05/2023: New review on B. subtilis

In this minireview, Marc and fellow B. subtilis experts discuss and summarize the importance of Bacillus as a model organism and biotechnology workhorse. Furthermore, it allowed our PhD student Sarah Baur to land the title image of the current volume of the "Journal of Bacteriology". Congratulations, Sarah!

24/04/2023: New publication on the MksBEFG bacterial defense system in C. glutamicum

In a collaborative effort with other lab members and experts from the Institut Pasteur, our PhD student Manuela spearheaded this characterization of the bacterial blasmid defense system MksBEFG. She was able to demonstrate that MgsG is a nuclease able to degrade invading plasmid DNA. Furthermore, Single molecule microscopy was utilized to reveal the involvment of the polar scaffolding protein DivIVA in spatially regulating the Mks system. Published in Nucleic Acids Research, DOI:

07/03/2023: New publication on chromosome organisation in Mycobacteria

In this publication, our colleagues from Wrocław were able to unravel more details of the roles of the proteins HubP and mIHF in chromosome organization of Mycobacterium smegmatis, a close relative of the causative agent for tuberculosis, M. tuberculosis. We were able to support their claims with single particle tracking data.

Published in Frontiers in Microbiology, DOI:

6-10/02/2023: Goa, India

Marc participates as invited speaker at the EMBO Workshop on “Bacterial morphogenesis, survival and virulence: Dynamic genomes & envelopes".


18/10/2022: Scanning EM in Microscopy facility

The Central Microscopy Core Facility officially starts using the new scanning EM (Zeiss Sigma 300 VP).

16/09/2022: New publication

By contribution single-molecule localization microscopy data to our collaborators from the Boshart lab, we were able to help understanding how the flagellar tip is involved in signaling that specifically controls migration and transmission of African trypanosome. Published in Nature communications, DOI:

05-06/09/2022: Lab retreat

Lab Retreat to Wittmoldt Manor House together with the group of Javier Lopez Garrido.

01/09/2022: New PhD student Kartikeyan

Kartikeyan Premrajka funded by the IMPRS (MPI Plön) has started his PhD in our lab. Welcome in Kiel and in our group Kartikeyan.

19-23/06/2022: ISBA 2022

Giacomo and Marc participate in the International Society for the Biology of Actinomycetes (ISBA) meeting in Toronto, Canada.

30/01/2022: New publication on DivIVA in B. subtilis and C. glutamicum

In a joint effort, our group investigated and compared the scaffolding protein DivIVA from two bacteria. With the help of super resolution microscopy and single particle tracking,  we demonstrate differences in dynamics and oligomerization behaviour, resultion in fundamentally different functions of the protein between the organisms. Published in Genes (MDPI), DOI:


26/11/2021: Talk

Marc gives an invited talk at the retreat of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens in Berlin. Great to discuss some fantastic science in a nice place.

04/10/2021: New publication

Our joined publication with Chase Broedersz and Joris Messelink on Corynebacterium cell growth is published in eLife.

Using time-lapse imaging of cell growth in microfluidic chambers and single-cell growth inference we discovered asymptotic linear growth in Corynebacterium. This mode of growth helps to maintain cell length distribution even on the absence of regulatory proteins such as the Min system.

24/09/2021: New publication

We contributed with some single-molecule microscopy data to a nice collaborative effort on the CTPase function of ParB. The study was spearheaded by the Thanbichler and Bange labs and is now online in Mol. Cell. DOI:

06/03/2021: Molecular powerhouse of the cell division motor

Interdisciplinary research teams from the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry and the Institute of General Microbiology at Kiel University show that dynamic proteins can deform the cell membrane of bacterial cells and thus initiate cell division.

Press release CAU Kiel,


07/15/2020: How proteins regulate the outer envelope of bacterial cells

Research team in Kiel has identified the involvement of so-called flotillin proteins in the fluidization of bacterial cell membranes

Press release CAU Kiel,

03/20/2020: New piece of the puzzle in the architecture of life

Kiel research team investigates previously-unknown reproduction mechanism in the biotech-relevant bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Press release CAU Kiel,


Publication on bacterial dynamin-like proteins revealing the mechanisms for membrane fusions

Marc Bramkamp, Nature Communications, volume 9, Article number: 3993 (2018)

DFG grant 

on chromosome organization and segregation in Corynebacterium glutamicum

EMBO Workshop: DNA replication, chromosome segregation and fate decisions

Participation by Kati, 17.-21.09.2018

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