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04/10/2021: New publication

Our joined publication with Chase Broedersz and Joris Messelink on Corynebacterium cell growth is published in eLife.

Using time-lapse imaging of cell growth in microfluidic chambers and single-cell growth inference we discovered asymptotic linear growth in Corynebacterium. This mode of growth helps to maintain cell length distribution even on the absence of regulatory proteins such as the Min system.

26/11/2021: Talk

Marc gives an invited talk at the retreat of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens in Berlin. Great to discuss some fantastic science in a nice place.

24/09/2021: New publication

We contributed with some single-molecule microscopy data to a nice collaborative effort on the CTPase function of ParB. The study was spearheaded by the Thanbichler and Bange labs and is now online in Mol. Cell. DOI:

06/03/2021: Molecular powerhouse of the cell division motor

Interdisciplinary research teams from the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry and the Institute of General Microbiology at Kiel University show that dynamic proteins can deform the cell membrane of bacterial cells and thus initiate cell division.

Press release CAU Kiel,


07/15/2020: How proteins regulate the outer envelope of bacterial cells

Research team in Kiel has identified the involvement of so-called flotillin proteins in the fluidization of bacterial cell membranes

Press release CAU Kiel,

03/20/2020: New piece of the puzzle in the architecture of life

Kiel research team investigates previously-unknown reproduction mechanism in the biotech-relevant bacterium Corynebacterium glutamicum.

Press release CAU Kiel,


Publication on bacterial dynamin-like proteins revealing the mechanisms for membrane fusions

Marc Bramkamp, Nature Communications, volume 9, Article number: 3993 (2018)

DFG grant 

on chromosome organization and segregation in Corynebacterium glutamicum

EMBO Workshop: DNA replication, chromosome segregation and fate decisions

Participation by Kati, 17.-21.09.2018

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