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Samia Shafqat

PhD Student


Research topics & projects

Bacterial Dynamins and Phage Defense

Education & positions

since 2021    PhD student, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

2017 - 2019  Research Scientist, Microbiology Lab (National University of                               Sciences & Technology, Pakistan)

2014 - 2017  Master of Science, Industrial Biotechnology (National
                       University of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan)

2010 - 2014  Bachelor of Science, Applied Biosciences (National University                           of Sciences & Technology, Pakistan) 


Guo L, Sattler L, Shafqat S, Graumann PL, Bramkamp M. A Bacterial Dynamin-Like Protein Confers a Novel Phage Resistance Strategy on the Population Level in Bacillus subtilis. mBio. 2022 Feb 15;13(1):e0375321.

2015, Plant exomics: Concepts, applications and methodologies in crop improvement

2014, Production of Algal Biomass

Samia Shafqat
PhD Student

+49 (0)431 880 4342

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